Saturday, November 16, 2013

Just the Bad Tigers

2013-11-16 001 2013-11-15 001

The above photo is of an emergency call button in the bathroom at one of our malls. I’ve honestly never paid a whole lot of attention to it, but I love that once Harper saw one his imagination just ran wild.

Harper and I were headed into the bathroom when he noticed this one. He asked me if he could please push the red button on the wall. I told him he couldn’t because it was only for emergencies. He asked what a “mergency” was and I explained that if someone were having trouble they could push that button and someone would come to help.

Well, he’s got quite the imagination as most three year olds do, so he quickly came up with a scenario in which one may need to use the red button.

He said “if there was a bad tiger in the bathroom someone could push the button and someone will come help! But only if it’s a baaaad tiger and not a nice tiger….” He went on and on about the tigers in the bathroom and how it’d be a good idea to push the button before they got you. It became quite a long exciting story.

Oh the mind of a three year old. Gotta love that imagination!

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