Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Handprint & Candy Corn Turkey’s

Here’s another quick little activity the two youngest kids and I did yesterday.

I traced their hand with a sharpie then let them color it in. Harper was very good about letting me trace his hand, but Dakota wanted nothing to do with it! She kept wiggling her hand around so her turkey is a little deformed! Oh well. Harper chose to color his brown while Dakota wanted a bit more flavor. Then I drew some skinny little legs on, put a few swipes of glue (the blue you see in Harper’s picture) down on the wings (their fingers minus the thumb) and they stuck on some candy corn for color. They turned out cute and because of it’s simplicity it held their attention.

2013-11-19 001 2013-11-19 003

2013-11-19 001 2013-11-19 007

2013-11-20 001 2013-11-19 002

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