Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Mom’s Visit

2013-11-16 001 2013-11-15 014

I had every intention of blogging while my mom was here but as you can see, it didn’t happen. We’d be busy all day and then we’d sit and vegetate on the couch in the evening and I couldn’t even think about blogging any of it. I always hate when I do that but it is what it is.

2013-11-08 001 2013-11-06 003

She was here for 12 days and although it was a good amount of time, it’s never long enough. It’s just nice having someone to hang out with during the day, and if you all knew all the work she did while she was here you’d totally be begging her to visit you too.

2013-11-08 001 2013-11-06 010

The kids, of course, love when she’s here. She’s another play mate, another fresh perspective, another pair of loving arms, another story teller, book reader, treat giver, song singer…you get the idea. She’s all that to them and even more to me. She has tons of new ideas for my house when she visits and she’s always willing to get a lot of work done when she’s here; and happily. We just hang out, do our thing and chat the days away. It’s a true friendship, and I treasure every minute she’s here.

2013-11-16 001 2013-11-16 005

2013-11-16 001 2013-11-16 002

PS. Wouldn’t you know I didn’t get a single picture with her and Landon or Zoe?! They weren’t around quite as much as the two little one’s were of course, but damn I can’t believe I didn’t get a single one.

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