Monday, November 18, 2013

They Jump

I don’t even know where to begin writing tonight. I have so much to say yet I can’t get my thoughts together. I have pictures to tell you about and little snippets of life to share, but it’s all such a jumbled mess in my head tonight I just can’t get it out.

2013-11-18 001 2013-11-17 002

Things are definitely going on. We had our holiday photo’s taken yesterday and then I came home and started pulling out the Christmas stuff. I have lots of my little things out, but no trees are up yet and I have no idea when that’ll happen.

Mema, the babies and I went Christmas shopping today. She was able to get everything for them in one swoop through the toy store. Tomorrow afternoon Tony and I are going to brave the toy store while she watches the kids…I hope we have as much luck as she did!

Here’s a little video that happened yesterday after dinner. I swear my big kids have no idea they’re big. Smile

Landon’s laugh at the end is just too much! Love it!

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