Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Our New Table

My mom’s big project when she was here was to refinish our old table. We didn’t exactly have a plan but once we started talking about it we came up with a one pretty quickly. (She’d just finished refinishing nearly every piece of furniture my sister owned so she was ready to take on a new project!)

2013-11-14 001 2013-11-09 003

She had me help her drag the table out on the deck so she could start sanding and my lord I’ve never seen so much dust! She sanded and sanded then sanded some more. Just when we thought the sanding was done, she’d start again. After a million hours of sanding though, she was ready to stain and paint. She stained the top a dark walnut (my choice of stain) and then painted the bottom of the table and chairs moonshine yellow. The yellow is very pale, and very complimentary to the dark top.

2013-11-14 001 2013-11-09 007

2013-11-14 001 2013-11-10 011

2013-11-14 001 2013-11-10 023

It sounds a lot easier than it really ended up being though. It seems like she hit a zillion road blocks along the way, but somehow I did end up with an amazing new table.


(Stop looking for bumps, Mom! Smile)


After she painted the chairs we aged them with some sandpaper. They’re  lovely…




Thanks again, Mom! I just love how it turned out!

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