Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thanksgiving Craft Night

It’s become part of our tradition during Thanksgiving week to do some kind of family craft. One year we did crayon/canvas art, another we did chalk drawings on dark cardstock and this year we painted and mod podged glass ornaments.

2013-11-25 001 2013-11-24 014

Here’s what we came up with:

Tony made the Grinch. He even gave him a heart that grew three times!

2013-11-27 001 2013-11-27 011

2013-11-27 001 2013-11-27 012

The next two are Zoe’s. On the bottom ornament she wrote some of the lyrics to “Baby It’s Cold Outside”. I’m pretty sure it was from the Rod Stewart/Dolly Parton version. Haha!

2013-11-27 001 2013-11-27 013

2013-11-27 001 2013-11-27 017

This one is Jaron’s. He made a fish on a hook and wrote “Don’t Tap the Glass” on the outside. I love his sense of humor and it was a pretty clever idea!

2013-11-27 001 2013-11-27 014

Aunt TT kept it simple with some snowflakes. I love the simplicity of it.

2013-11-27 001 2013-11-27 022

Landon was the only one to honor the holiday we’re here for, Thanksgiving. I love that he didn’t forget about this special holiday…and that is a super cute turkey, don’t you think?

2013-11-27 001 2013-11-27 015

So far, Meme has made the most ornaments. She’s done three and she’s used three different techniques to do them. They’re all beautiful and unique.

2013-11-27 001 2013-11-27 018

2013-11-27 001 2013-11-27 019

2013-11-27 001 2013-11-27 021

Here’s what Kyle came up with. I love how his glass looks crackled.

2013-11-27 001 2013-11-27 016

And finally, here are the two I came up with.

2013-11-27 001 2013-11-27 010

2013-11-25 001 2013-11-25 025

We thought this was a bit much for the two little’s so they didn’t get to do any, and dad wasn’t into the idea so he didn’t participate either. It’s a pretty simple project though and it’s nice that we’ll be able to use them year after year.

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