Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thanksgiving in SC, 2013

We’re in South Carolina this week to celebrate Thanksgiving at my parent’s house. We drove down on Saturday and thankfully, it was a quick and mostly painless experience. Dakota did much better than we expected and even took a 2 1/2 hour nap in the car, which is a big deal for her. Harper did great as usual and was happily entertained watching movies and playing games on my iPad. We did have to travel with an empty bottle though because if we stopped every time he had to pee, well, we’d still be driving! Zoe read a book she was assigned for a class she’s taking and Landon flipped between playing his iPod and watching whatever movie was on.

2013-11-25 001 2013-11-23 006

Mom and Kyle worked on this chalkboard wall together and it is just too cool! Mom even bought little elements to hang on the drawing to make it 3D, it’s so much neater in person…

2013-11-25 001 2013-11-23 010

Both kids got used to all the people and dogs without any trouble and Dakota seemed to remember Meme since she’d seen her just a week prior. Dakota usually acts afraid of people when she’s just meeting them but for some reason she barely acted like it bothered her at all. Maybe she’s beginning to remember people for longer than she used to, who knows?

2013-11-25 001 2013-11-23 012

2013-11-25 001 2013-11-24 010

We are surprised how cold it is down here this year. There have been years where we were all in shorts, but this year we’re wearing sweaters and long pants. We’ve had ample rain as well, so we’re spending a lot of time indoors. Meme had some play dough left over from when Jaron was younger, and somehow it was still good, so we pulled that out for the little’s to play with.

2013-11-25 001 2013-11-24 002

Of course, when the little one’s get bored things get a little crazy. One night we all ended up playing in Meme and Papa’s room on their bed. They have a bench at the end of their bed and it’s just the right height for Harps to climb up onto to get on their bed. Dakota isn’t quite tall enough, but with her brother there to give her a boost she gets up there too!

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