Sunday, January 19, 2014

A Friends Birthday Party


Harper was invited to a birthday party by one of his classmates today. They held the party at a nature center about 20 minutes from home, a place we’d never been to or heard of, so we were excited.

We thought that Dakota was feeling better because she acted so much better before bedtime last night, but she was actually pretty miserable the whole time we were there. I know she would have really enjoyed the whole thing had she been feeling better.

Harper, on the other hand, was feeling good and had a good time. There was a “decorate your party hat” station, and a paper plate snake craft. There were little plastic animals at every seat, and they all had on little party hats. She made several banners as well, it was a really cute party.

Since we were at a nature center, the staff brought out some animals for the kids to see. They were able to touch a Madagascar hissing cockroach, bearded dragon, turtle and corn snake. Harper touched everything but the snake, and Dakota wasn’t having any part of it. Smile


Since Dakota didn’t get much of a nap (due to the birthday party) she was miserable when we got home. I decided to let her sleep for just a bit, about half an hour because it was pretty late. When I got her up she was even more miserable than before.

I noticed some blood in her mouth when she was crying and upon closer inspection I realized it was actually quite a bit. I showed Tony and we were pretty concerned so we ended up calling the doctor about it. They reassured us that it was just part of this virus she has. We were both feeling pretty scared though, it just looked like a lot of blood. Her mouth is super tender right now and even the slightest bump really hurts. I tried to very gently brush her teeth but she was crying so much I ended up just going over them with a quick swipe, and there was blood everywhere. I sure hope this clears up quickly, it’s breaking my heart to see her in so much pain.

Prayers appreciated…

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