Sunday, January 5, 2014

A Game and a Puppet Theatre

Keeping the kids busy is a full time job. They will play independently every once in awhile but since they’re so young it never last too long and they can only play together for a short amount of time before all hell breaks loose. So, it has become a full time endeavor keeping them busy and happy.

We’ve been stuck in the house for the past few days because the weather has been very cold and today it was rainy. Luckily I came across a game that was easy to set up and fun for everyone.

All you need is some masking tape and a few small rubber balls. Using the tape, make a few squares like in the photo below.


That is your game board. You can use tape to indicate point value if you want, but we didn’t feel it was necessary. We just used 1 point for the outermost square and 4 for the innermost square. I took a little more tape and marked spots for the kids to roll from. There was one marker for ages 3 and under and another for 12 and up. :)

Landon having a turn.

After a turn or two Harper came up with a way for it to be more challenging for Landon! (Too bad my picture is so blurry!)



My mom made the kids a puppet theatre for Christmas this year. It is beyond awesome!


She titled it “The Littles’ Theatre since we’re always calling them that.


The top and bottom are separate and the curtains at the top open and close easily with the loops. Both pieces are hung with tension rods which means it’s simple to set up and take down.


She even made four wooden puppets for them to use. Aren’t these just adorable?





She sewed an elastic band to the back to create a way to store the puppets when not in use. She also made two large pockets for storage. In the photo below you can see our finger puppets behind the band and the wooden stick puppets in the pockets.


Pretty nifty gift if you ask me! I imagine puppet shows will be happening quite often in our house!

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