Saturday, January 4, 2014

Dinner at Mema & Umpa’s

Tonight we had dinner at Mema and Umpa’s house. Chris, Lori and Lea were there too, so Harper and Dakota had someone to play with which is always nice. Mema killed herself making dinner for all of us while we socialized and watched the kids. It’s become a thing for Harper to grab a book and ask Umps to read to him. Umpa pulls him up on his lap and reads and reads. I don’t know how many stories he read to him but at one point Umpa started to doze off mid-story and Harper nudged him to continue! :)


At one point all three kids were up on the couch listening to the story and eating their ice cream, but Dakota had already hopped down by the time I’d grabbed my camera. It sure was cute!

(Isn’t Mema brave to let three toddlers walk around the house with ice cream cones?!)


Harper and Dakota LOVE to fill Ginger’s food dish in the morning. It often leads to fighting, but with dad’s help everything went smoothly. They’d really be happy if I’d let them fill her water bowl, but I can’t even begin to imagine the mess that would be!



This is how we found Dakota napping today. This is exactly how her daddy & brother sleep!


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