Saturday, January 11, 2014

Rainy Saturday and Lea Turns 4

It was another rainy, dreary day here. With the exception of Tony, Zoe and Landon going to the dentist this morning, we stayed in the house. While they were gone at the dentist, the two littles and I played with toys and then had a major dance party. We had a bunch of energy to spend I guess. They were so happy dancing around the house with me, and I just love to see those two so happy.


As soon as Dakota got up from nap we headed out to the bowling alley to celebrate Lea’s fourth birthday. Hard to believe she’s 4 already!


It was just a nice, small family party and we had a great time. It was great to see Travis and Lauren there too. They spend every other weekend at their dads house, and they're getting older, so we just don’t see them as much anymore. I hope as they get older they’ll still come over once in awhile…they’re such nice kids.

The bowling alley we went to was duck pin. It’s a really old place and I think they probably updated sometime in the early 90’s or so. It’s dated but we sure had a good time anyways. Harper was having the best time and in his excitement even bowled when it was other people’s turn. It’s hard to wait your turn when your three…and when there are so many to wait for!

Dakota was pretty good too. She just walked around with her snack and her cup and kept herself busy. She got to bowl some for me, and at the end she finished up all the kids’ games. Travis and Lauren were so sweet and helped her to bowl while we all packed things up to go.

Landon and Zoe had a good time as well, but I think they would have a good time doing just about anything. They are both pretty easy going, really.

When I went in to kiss Harper goodnight, he said “Goodnight, mama. I had a good time at bowling today.” I wonder if maybe we should try going a little more often?

Celebrating Lea’s birthday has me thinking about my kids birthdays coming up. I know it’s awhile yet, but I know it’ll be here before I know it. I feel like I need to start planning already! Smile

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