Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Shooting Gallery

I realized today that I never finished bragging about the gifts my mom put together for us…

Landon has entered the tough Christmas years. You know how it is. Little kids go for the cute toys and everything is new to them, so that’s easy. Older teens are pretty easy too as they want clothes, shoes, money and the like. But, the middle years are tough. They aren’t little kids anymore but they aren’t quite ready for all the older teen stuff either. When mom and I saw how much Landon enjoyed shooting Uncle Kyle’s bb gun at Thanksgiving, we came up with a plan to make him a “shooting gallery”. Kyle has one made out of an old pallet and we thought Landon would like something similar.

Here’s what they came up with:



They found a pallet, moved some boards around, sanded a little and gave it some nice camo paint. Landon fills the bottles with water and when he hits one, water pours out to let him know he got it. It’s a great gift that can definitely take the wear and tear of the weather and all the little pellets the ping off of it. Unusual maybe, but awesome for a twelve year old boy who likes to shoot!

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