Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Marble Track

Lately, our go to toy has been the marble track. It is definitely Dakota’s top choice, but Harper plays with it quite often too. Koko still wants to put the marbles in her mouth so we have to watch her closely when she plays, but she doesn’t do it quite as often as she used to. Harper likes to experiment with different ways to play with the track, like using cups to pour large amounts at once. He’s learned that using a container to pour the marbles usually causes a backup.




Whenever I’m on the phone, Dakota wants to also be on the phone. She moans and groans until I let her have a chance to “talk” to whoever’s on the other end. She pretty much just says “hi” repeatedly, but she is just thrilled when she gets a response. She was talking to her dada on the phone the other day and when I went to snap a picture, this was the face I got! Not sure what he’s saying to her, but she looks concerned!


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