Monday, March 10, 2014

Sports Camp: Basketball

Harper had his first day of sports camp today. I asked Mema to watch Dakota for me so that I could devote all of my attention to him on his first day. It’s a good thing I did because he got off to a rocky start. 

Today’s sport was basketball. All sports are pretty much a new concept for him being that he’s only three, but I thought basketball was kind of a tough first introduction. In my opinion, kicking a ball towards something seems a little easier than trying to throw one way over your head…but, that’s just me. Initially Harper was pretty excited about playing basketball and he ran right up to get a ball. Once he realized I wasn’t right with him he came running back and wanted me to come up and sit with him and the other kids and of course I went.

The teacher introduced himself and his assistant and then they got started right away. First they had them try to move the ball around their belly’s without dropping it. Harper tried and tried but he dropped it every time.


Next was trying to move the ball around their legs. He was even less successful with that move, but boy was it funny watching him try! :) From there they moved to bouncing and catching the ball, tossing it above their heads and catching the ball and then to dribbling. Harper did his best with each thing but by the time they got to dribbling he was feeling a little disappointed that he couldn’t do all the things they were showing them. (Most of the kids couldn’t do what they were being asked. There was one 5 year old who was the exception, but most of them were doing exactly the same as Harper.) He got upset and began to cry and he said he needed to use the bathroom. We used the bathroom time to recompose ourselves and he kept telling me “lets get back out there so I can see what they’re doing now”. So, we got back out there just in time to play sharks and minnows, which he totally enjoyed.

After the trip to the bathroom he did much better. He was comfortable enough to go with the kids and teachers while I watched from the bleachers. He ended up having a great time and told me he’d had fun and really liked basketball.

I’m really curious how he’ll do when we go back next Monday. I sure hope it’s a sport he’ll feel a little more confident about.

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