Saturday, April 19, 2014

Dying Our Eggs

Yesterday afternoon we broke out the egg dyes and got to work coloring our Easter eggs. To say the least, it was messy. I don’t know who made the most messes, Mema or the kids, but there were messes and there were lots of them. Good thing I had lots of paper towels on hand…


Harper thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. He loved choosing his egg and gently lowering it into the dye then slowly mixing it around to watch it change color. He loved to show us each and every beautiful egg he created and was happy for the longest time. He got a little crazy at the end and had three eggs in one container, but you know, you gotta experiment to see what works!


Dakota enjoyed dying her eggs as well. Her method was more of a grab the closest egg, plunk it into the nearest dye cup, stir with the force of a tornado then attempt to dump the entire cup out onto the table to inspect. Her method was a bit messier, as you can imagine, but she got results! She wasn’t feeling very good either, which is why her cheeks are so pink. She ran a fever later on but woke up feeling good this morning, thank goodness.


Landon was happy to help with the eggs as well. He got to do several and enjoyed dipping them this way and that to get pretty multicolor eggs. I’m so happy that he still enjoys doing these kinds of things with us! Zoe always did too and I was disappointed that she missed it this year.


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