Saturday, April 19, 2014

Rolly Pollies Egg Hunt

We started our morning with an Easter egg hunt at Rolly Pollies. It started at nine and since it was so early I gave Landon the choice as to whether he wanted to go or stay home to sleep. He chose to go with us and it was nice that he was there even though the hunt was for three and under. He’s pretty helpful to have around and (most of the time) the two little’s like having their big brothers attention.


As soon as they opened the gate it was a mad rush to grab eggs. There wasn’t anything inside the eggs but you’d never have guessed it by the mayhem that ensued!



Once the eggs were found there was a little time to play. It was like my kids had never been there before! They were just thrilled to run around and be crazy!


I asked Dakota if she wanted to go see the bunny and surprisingly she said yes. So, we walked over and I asked her if I could get a picture with her and the bunny and she surprised me again and did it! Unfortunately, my camera was on video and I didn’t know it so the ‘pictures” I got are actually crappy videos. Booo! But, the bright side is that when Harper came over to get in the photo, I realized my mistake and got an okay shot with the both of them.


Dakota wouldn’t look at the camera no matter what, and although she looks miserable, she wasn’t. She never cried or anything but she wasn’t about to smile either! Harper was silly as usual and gave me that funny little look when I took the picture. I just never know what I’m going to get with these kids, but I’ll take it! Smile

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