Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Morning 2014

Hard to believe it’s already Easter, and even more so that it’s over. We woke up bright and early with the little’s just like every morning, but Harper knew that the bunny was coming by last night so he was anxious to get downstairs and see what was in his basket. On the way down the steps he said “I can’t wait to see if the bunny got me Pop the Pig!” and the minute he spotted it, he squealed with happiness! (That is one of the best part of parenting my friends. Making your kids so happy they actually squeal!)


There were lots of bubbles and bubble blowers, water guns, one book for each kid, a few eggs with candy, and they each got a new bathing suit, a tradition that started with Zoe eons ago. Harper and Dakota both got a new pair of sunglasses and Dakota got a new bath time baby doll. Landon got some iTunes and the second Thor movie. We also got the little’s one movie each, Frozen and The Jungle Book.




We played a few rounds of Pop the Pig and even gave Dakota’s new baby a good wash, but then it was time to go outside and blow some bubbles!




Harper attempting to eat the bubbles. Smile


Landon got up sometime around 830 or so and he came down and asked if he had a basket to look for. We told him of course he did, but first he needed to take his allergy meds and feed the dog. (We hid the basket in the closet with the dog food.) Of course he easily found his basket and was happy to see his gifts.


I got Zoe a bathing suit and some candy too, but didn’t take pictures because I gave it to her much later in the day. I just wanted to get her a little something so she’d know she wasn’t forgotten…

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