Monday, April 28, 2014

Sports Camp: Football

Today the kids learned a little bit about football. We aren’t a big football family, and it is probably my least favorite sport, so Harper doesn’t really know much about it.


The very first thing they learned was how to hold the ball correctly while running. They told them to put their hand on the end of the ball and then showed them how to cradle it against their chest while running to protect it. After the kids had that down, they had them run a little course they’d set up with cones.

The next lesson was how to throw a football. They showed each child how to hold the ball correctly and then how to throw it. They practiced throwing it at the wall at first, then moved on to throwing through a hoop. Harper kept telling the coach “I don’t think I can throw this through a hoop!” but the coach kept reassuring him that he’d do fine. While Harper never did actually get his ball through the hoop, he did keep on trying! I can’t ask for more than that.

They tried catching for a few minutes but that was a bit out of their readiness zone, so that played a few rounds of sharks and minnows. Harper got a chance to be a shark this week:

I love how he kind of sneak tags the kid at the end! Haha! Smart little shark I’ve got!

The kids’ favorite part of the whole class had to be when the coach decided to be the minnow and let all the kids be sharks out to get him.

They chased the coach twice and loved it both times. They probably could have done that the entire class and been happy! That was how they ended class this week, and then they all went and sat on the floor for their stamps. After they each choose their stamp, they do a little cheer that they make up. This weeks cheer was “Football, Pizza, Macaroni!” Harper thought it was just the best cheer ever and he kept saying it all the way home!

Next week is the last week for camp and I’m pretty sure the lesson will be tennis. Should be fun!

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