Sunday, May 25, 2014

Saturday Stuff

Our pool opened yesterday. It was nowhere near warm enough to go swimming, only in the mid 70’s yesterday, but Harper and I walked down to the pool to stick our feet in while Dakota napped at home with Tony.


The water felt pretty good on our feet, but it would have been way too cold to be in. There were some brave souls down there in the water though…

Once we got home from the pool it was time for Dakota to get up and for all of us to head over to Mema’s for dinner. We stopped on the way for Slurpee’s, something new for these two. (Zoe and Brandon went to the zoo and Landon was with a friend at the Oriole’s game.)



Neither of them seemed to really like their Slurpee, but I don’t know if it was just the flavor they’d gotten (sugar free watermelon) or what. Guess we’ll try another kind another time.

Mema set up the table so we could all eat outside and the weather was GORGEOUS! The only problem we had was the darn mosquito’s. Her backyard is pretty shaded so it’s still pretty wet back there from all the rain and I’m guessing that’s made the mosquito problem worse than usual.


After eating we let the kids run around and play a bit. The mosquito’s didn’t seem to be bothering/biting them at all. I didn’t have any bites either, thankfully.


Harper and Lea spent a long time playing in the backyard together. They were just making up their own games and running around and having a great time. Dakota wasn’t in the mood to play with them though so she and I went in the front to practice riding her tricycle. (No pics because I was busy making sure she didn’t crash!)

Right before heading home the kids had some ice cream. They sure made a mess with it but they just love it and have pretty much come to expect it after dinner over there.



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