Sunday, June 1, 2014

Annapolis Harbor

We had amazing weather today so we decided to drive out to the Annapolis Harbor for a few hours.




We walked along the water admiring the boats, wishing we owned one, and then watched other people feed the ducks and ducklings since we didn’t have any bread of our own.


There was a small farmers market set up near the water too, so we took a quick stroll through there as well. I was going to take more, hopefully better, pictures of the market but Landon was nearly mortified that I’d taken this one photo, so I spared him the indignity…this time.


Next, we headed up the street to look around.



When we were driving in we saw that people were setting up tables for a street fair, so we walked to that.There are lots of local artisans who bring out the coolest stuff to sell, and it was awesome! I’ve never seen some of the things these people had out and it made me want to go home and make something unique out of whatever supplies I could gather…but, it didn’t happen because I have those little’s and they keep me busy.


After browsing (I could have stayed LOTS longer, but the kids had had it) we headed back towards the water to find a place for lunch. We ended up going to Chick and Ruth’s and what a treat that was! It’s a tiny little place with narrow walkways and limited seating, but we got right in and were seated upstairs at a tiny little table near the back door. The kids were quite restless but it was fine because the place was so busy and loud, no one noticed our loud crazy kids!



Once our orders were taken, the waitress brought out our drinks and a big dish of pickles. Kind of quirky, the pickles, and no one at my house is big on pickles, so they just sat there. Oh well.


Then, our food came. It wasn’t anything crazy, just regular lunch food. Grilled cheeses, hot dogs, subs, blt’s, fries; it was delicious.


At some point I noticed the cool tin ceiling, but it wasn’t until I reviewed the picture that I noticed the bagel hanging off the light fixture!


Once I saw that, I just had to ask why it was there! The waitress said “Don’t eat it!” to which I replied that we wouldn’t! Gross! She said they just tell everyone it’s to keep the elephants out of the place, but really it’s just a little pull thingy for the light. It’s easier to grab than the little string hanging from it! Haha! That ceiling’s pretty cool though, huh? Even with a bagel hanging from the light?!

You just can’t go to Annapolis and not visit Annapolis Ice Cream. They seriously have the best ice cream! And, if you go, you should probably only get a single scoop because boy do they pile it on!

This is my single, small scoop of chocolate.


Dakota got chocolate chip and she decided to go for it:


Harper found his favorite, mint chocolate chip, and he was in HEAVEN! (Landon isn’t an ice cream lover so he just hung out with us while we ate.)


We had lots of fun downtown but around 2pm we decided it was time to head home. Dakota missed her nap and we were all pretty worn out from all the walking, but I think we’ll try to add it into our rotation of things to do from now on. It’s too close by to ignore!


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