Sunday, June 1, 2014

Saturday Stuff

After playing on the deck in the water we had a snack, one of Dakota’s favorites, chips and queso.



She would NOT sit on her bottom to eat and squatted the entire time she ate. She must have squatted like that for 20 minutes! I don’t know how she ever stood back up after squatting that long, haha!

I had to take her in the house and clean her up after her snack so I decided to put her back in the dress she’d been wearing earlier. She told me she was still hungry <EAT!!> so I grabbed a corn dog out of the freezer for her. I heated it up and sent her on her way. She was thrilled! She walked around outside watching Tony water the flowers while eating her corndog and ended up finishing the entire thing! Dakota’s happy, mama’s happy! Don’t judge!



Harper did some jumping on the trampoline while Dakota was eating. He just loves to get in there and show me all of his cool tricks!


He asked Landon to come out and play with him and because Landon is so awesome, he did. They jumped and jumped and jumped to their hearts content.





When Dakota finally finished gobbling up her corn dog, she wanted a turn on the swing. That little girl just loves swinging!




Tony worked on clearing out the very back of the yard that’s still overgrown. He’s pretty much got the one side clear, but now he’s working on the back left corner, the most overgrown area.




It sure is starting to look good out there! I hope we’ll be able to get the stones to put the patio and fire pit together sometime soon!

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