Monday, June 2, 2014

Mixing Colors

I decided we were going to work on colors this week. Dakota is at a great age to start learning this stuff (she’s actually a bit behind on this, I think) and she’s definitely showing an interest, so I figured why not. Of course, Harper already knows his colors, but he loves to do fun activities so we’re going with it.

We started our day with mixing colors. Seriously, we were outside with food coloring, water, jars and a turkey baster well before 9am.




I had to give Dakota a little lesson on how to use the turkey baster and she caught on quickly. We talked about each color as we added it to the water and then talked about how the colors changed as we mixed them. Basics for Kota, science for Harps. They were awesome about taking turns with this too and not even once did they fight about using the squeezer (baster). They were out there moving colored water around for more than half an hour and the only reason they quit when they did was because we were heading out to a park for the morning.

We were going to the duck park to meet up with the Moms club, but Harper asked if we could go to Lake Waterford instead, so we changed course and went there.


The kids had a great time, as usual, but after an hour of running around, we called it a day and headed home for lunch.

PS. The photo’s on this post were all from my phone. I took tons of pictures with my regular camera today (and only a few with my phone) and only just realized a few minutes ago that the card reader wasn’t in the camera! Ugh. 

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