Monday, June 16, 2014

Father’s Day

We didn’t have any plans for Father’s Day, it was just going to be another day around the house, but then we’d had so much fun at Chris and Lori’s on Saturday the we decided to invite them over on Sunday for an impromptu bbq. We really didn’t have anything planned we just figured we’d hang out, eat food and watch the kids play…and that’s pretty much what happened. (Not a single picture taken though! I was too busy!)

I did make Tony breakfast in bed though, something that he does quite often for me but I rarely do for him. I’m not usually hungry in the morning till he makes something so I don’t think to cook for him because I’m not ready to eat. But, I made sure to do that for him because I love him. It wasn’t anything fancy either, just some jelly toast with eggs and coffee, but I made it with love and that counts, right?

When he came downstairs I had Dakota give him the little book I’d made him. She could hardly hold back from picking all the heart stickers off of the cover though, so I had to kinda help her along.





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