Monday, June 16, 2014

Rides at the Rink

One of our local skating rinks has a special time slot on Mondays for little kids to bring in their bikes, scooters, or whatever they want to ride around on the rink for 2 hours. I’d heard about it a long time ago but had never even considered going until last night when I finally looked it up.


I texted Zoe last night and told her we ought to take the kids and she said sure, so off we went!


As I suspected, Harper was very hesitant and I practically had to drag him out onto the rink. He’s not a big bike riding kid so this wasn’t his cup of tea. Luckily, there were lots of ball on the floor for the kids to play with too and once he saw that, he was up and running.

After numerous attempts at getting him to try to ride his bike, or any bike for that matter, I broke down and bribed him to give it a chance. (He still hasn’t mastered pedaling and his confidence has really taken a hit when it comes to riding bikes.) I told him that I’d give him a very special treat after lunch if he’d at least try a few of the toys…and he said okay, after he did one more trick with the ball. Good as his word he did his trick then brought me his helmet.

The first thing he tried was this:


It took him a minute to get what he was supposed to do, but he did get it and then was able to buzz around a bit on it. That seemed to bolster his confidence and he attempted to ride a few more things after that; a tricycle and a scooter. He really liked the scooter and kept at it awhile until the DJ turned out the lights and turned on the hokey pokey! He did his best at the hokey pokey and man was he concentrating on what the words were saying. Dakota had no idea what was going on, but she was a sport and let Zoe help her through the movements. :)


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