Friday, June 20, 2014

Five on Friday

  • The three kids and I got up and out the door early this morning. We made a stop at Dunkin Donuts for breakfast then went to play at airplane park for a little bit. The kids were in a great mood and had a great time.
  • One morning this week I was trying to figure out what to feed Dakota. When I asked her what she wanted she kept saying “bopbee bopbee” and I was getting a little frustrated trying to figure out what that was. All of a sudden Harper says “when she says that she means sausage biscuit, mom!” (and he pronounces it “sauskit biscuit” which is quite a bit closer to the real thing and equally adorable) and I knew immediately he was right because I then remembered her saying it before. Phew. Good thing I’ve got my little helper here to figure these things out! Love that these two kiddo’s understand each other when I can’t!
  • Zoe, Brandon and Paige made it to Chicago without any problems. They were there by 7:45am our time, 6:45am their time. So, they pretty much flew.
  • Harper went to a birthday party for a preschool classmate today. The party was at non other than Rolly Pollies! He was so happy to go and he had a wonderful time playing! We just cannot stay away from that place.
  • We went to dinner at Red Robin tonight after the birthday party. Ever since Landon was little he wasn’t a big burger eater. He will eat one if we make it at home, but it’s never something he orders at a restaurant…until tonight. He, for the first time ever, ordered himself a cheeseburger! It was such a big deal I took a picture! :)

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