Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Park and Pool Day

What. A. Day.

We were up and out the door early this morning because I had to meet another mom at the preschool to move files. It didn’t take up too long, so afterwards we went to a nearby park to play. (All 4 kids and went because we were going to the pool in Mema’s neighborhood afterwards.)




We only stayed for about half an hour, and it was long enough. The temperature was decent but humidity was high, so it was time to go.

We got to Mema’s house with an hour to kill before the pool opened so we made lunch for a picnic and then headed out.

The minute we got to the pool (11am) the kids were ready for lunch, so we ate and then hopped in the pool. I figured we’d only be there an hour or so, two at the most, but boy was I wrong! We ended up staying for 4 hours and I had to drag Harper and Landon out of the pool!








Dakota was really happy about being in the pool this morning. She was hopping all over the place and giggling when we first got there. I decided to record her and wouldn’t you know, she fell down and went underwater! I couldn’t believe when she stood back up and went right back to playing! She didn’t cry at all! She ended up doing it more than once today and each time she was able to get up by herself and go right back to playing.

Poor Dakota was so tired. She passed out on the way home and cried and cried once she finally woke up. She doesn’t do too well without a nap…it sure makes me nervous about our upcoming trip to Disney.

Landon was in the deep end by himself while everyone else was taking a break so I went over to see what he was doing.

This was probably the best day we’ve had this summer yet. The kids were so happy and when they’re happy it sure makes the day nice. I think the change in scenery (Mema’s pool instead of ours) made the difference. There are a lot more people that go to her pools and that means lots of people to play with. Harper and Landon both made friends hence the reason I had to drag them home! Smile


I’m hoping for lots more days like this one!

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