Thursday, June 19, 2014

Seashells, Colors, Puppet Shows and Chicago

I decided we were staying home today. I didn’t have a clue what we were going to do, I just knew that I was sick of dragging the kids here, there and everywhere. It was a stormy kind of day anyways so it worked out perfectly.

Harper was a bit antsy first thing this morning so I handed him a box full of seashells to play with. It’s amazing how long something so simple can entertain him. There were lots of shells in that little box and he examined each one and placed each one on the tray I gave him. He talked and talked about them and told me little things he noticed. I think it was just over a half hours time when he finally got tired of it and declared that it had been hard work sorting out those shells and that he was done. :)


While Harper was working with the shells, Dakota wanted to pull out the Hot Dots Jr. cards. We worked on the colors cards and she was happy with it for about 10 minutes which is pretty long for an almost 2 year old.


When she finished with the Hot Dots game, she wanted to play with the color pie. It only lasted about 2 minutes and then we were off to something else.


The rest of our day was spent playing inside with toys. We pulled out all kinds of things that we haven't seen in awhile and they were both pretty content all day long.

Tonight before bed Harper asked if we could do a puppet show instead of read books. It ended up that Zoe came up and did a puppet show for him and then he wanted to do one for us. He was having a hard time thinking of what he could say though and pretty much just mumbled to himself. :) But, here’s a little bit of video I got…

And, finally, Zoe, Brandon and Paige (Brandon’s sister) left tonight around 8pm for Chicago. Brandon’s family makes the drive out there once every year in the summer and this year Zoe got to go as well. They have lots of family out there and Brandon’s grandparents are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary too. Zoe is so excited to go to Chicago! For what, I don’t know, but I sure hope it lives up to her expectations!


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