Monday, June 16, 2014

Our Girl Ginger


First thing in the morning Saturday I had to take Ginger to the vet for her annual checkup. She is always very nervous when I take her to the vet or groomer, but she was extra nervous this time it seemed. The vet came in and was feeling around on her belly and asked me if it felt a bit distended. I told him it did feel somewhat bloated and he got a little worried look on his face. (Ginger is 13yo, by the way.) He asked me about her eating and drinking habits and I told him she seemed to be drinking more than usual but her eating seemed the same as always.

She was due for 2 shots and he wanted to take some blood to test as well. When the tech came in to draw blood, Ginger was a mess. She wouldn’t be still and she kept trying to jump to me. I did my best to calm her, but I started to wonder if I was only making things worse, so I ended up leaving the room so they could try to get blood. The tech wasn’t able to do it and the vet went in to try. After a few minutes he came out and told me that she was trying to bite so he had to muzzle her. After he muzzled her he was able to get blood, but I’ll tell you what, my nerves were about shot when he came out of that room. I felt so terrible for her. The techs then took over again and gave her the two shots she needed, easy as pie.

The vet asked that we come back in a couple of weeks to have her x-rayed to see if there was anything going on. I feel terrible that I have to bring her back because I know how much she hates it…but, I’m even more worried he’s going to find something wrong when he x-rays her. She’s been a part of our lives for a long time and I hate to think of her not being here. It’s a part of life I realize, but it sucks.

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