Monday, June 16, 2014

Playing on the Swingset


As predicted, we are spending TONS of time out on the play set. Harper and Dakota are really enjoying the glider. I love that they can both ride it and there’s no fighting.


Even Landon wanted a chance and my lord that child is BIG! Dakota loved pushing him though! :)



Harper pretends to be an adventurer when he climbs the ropes. He gets up there and is so proud of himself! He likes to tell me all the things he can see from way up there.


All though he knew he was too big, Landon just HAD to get in the tire swing. We spun him around a little bit but his butt was touching the ground so it wasn’t too fun for him, haha. He COULD NOT get out either, so Tony had to tip it up and dump him out the back. It was quite amusing. ;)


While the kids were playing, I decided to cut off a very low hanging tree branch. I was sawing away, but my arms were getting sore so I took a short break. When I went back to it, the thing wouldn’t move. After a bit of a fight I got it out only to lodge it even deeper into the branch. I fought that thing for the longest time but eventually I gave up. I was really bending the blade up so I decided I’d have to wait for Tony to get home to help me out. Of course, he was able to just bend the branch down while I wiggled it out and then he finished off the job I’d started. Smile 



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