Sunday, June 15, 2014

Our New Play Set

This past Thursday we had a very special delivery at our house:


I’d been telling Harper all week that we were going to be getting something very cool so when the guys showed up at 9am to start assembling, he was very curious about what it was. Box after box got put in the backyard and every time they’d bring a new one around, Harper would wonder aloud what was in it. First he guessed that they were building a new fence. I told him that wasn’t it, and just after that they brought the slide around. Of course he recognizes a slide when he sees one and he said “I see a slide, Mama!” and his little echo Dakota said “Slide, Mama!”. He asked how he was supposed to use it if it was lying on the ground though and I just let him think and watch…

After awhile they had the platform put together and he thought they had built a table, and Dakota chimed in with “table, mama!”. We told him it wasn’t a table and that he’d just have to keep watching. The weather was dreary and it was drizzling the entire time they put the thing together, but after three hours, it was up and ready to be played on!

Boy were they excited! The very first thing they did was run for the swings.




We ended up getting more rain in the afternoon and didn’t really get to play on it that much, but I’m sure we’ll get plenty of sunshiny days out there on our play set!

Harper was able to zip right up the rock wall but it wasn’t so easy for Dakota. I’m sure the rain boots didn’t help much!

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