Monday, June 16, 2014

Dakota’s New Curtains

Since mom’s visit was short we didn’t get to work on many projects, but of course there were a few things we knocked out.

The biggest one was curtains for Dakota’s room. She had the cutest curtains hanging in there that mom had made, but they weren’t keeping any of the light out. The front of our house gets sun for several hours a day and when it comes up in the morning you’d never know she even had curtains in there it’s so bright.


So, I found some light blocking curtains at Target and mom sewed a pretty trim on them to give them a little character. We also bought some hold backs and spray painted them a pretty blue. I was really happy that we were able to reuse the old valance’s mom had made because they’re probably the best part of the whole thing!

Isn’t she the cutest sitting in the big rocking chair reading her books?!



The pictures above were taken around 7:15am, so you can see how bright it is even with the shade still down. With the curtains closed all the way it cuts out the majority of the light, but I’ll probably end up changing the blinds sometime too.

Here’s a picture of the old curtains, in case you’re interested.

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