Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A Day of Relaxation

After going to three parks in three days, we were ready for a break. We slept in and decided to spend some time at the pool relaxing. (Zoe decided to stay in the room and read her book, so no pictures of her.)







After spending the majority of our day poolside, we thought we’d go out for a nice dinner somewhere. So, we headed back to Downtown Disney and settled on Fulton’s for dinner.


I ordered a clam chowder because I love chowders and I think it might have been the best I’d ever eaten. (I wasn’t the only one who  loved the chowder either. Dakota nearly licked my bowl clean! She just loved it!)


I could have had nothing but that and been satisfied, but since we were at a crab house I figured I’d get some crabs too. Unfortunately, I should have just stuck to the soup because the rest of my meal wasn’t very good. The crab legs were so dry they were nearly inedible. It was sad. But, I wasn't in the mood to complain, so I just ate of it what I could and we left.

We went back to our room and hung out for awhile before getting ready for bed (early!!) and preparing for our day at the Magic Kingdom.

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