Friday, August 22, 2014

Animal Kingdom, Part 2

Festival of the Lion King is an amazing production. We remembered it being amazing 10 years ago and it didn’t disappoint this time either. Somehow, Dakota slept through the entire thing (it’s extremely loud) and my back was nearly broken when the show was through, but it was good nonetheless.


After the show we found a very short line for Pocahontas and stopped to get her autograph.



After chatting up Pocahontas we noticed that the Flights of Wonder show was about to begin, so we headed in. It was a cool show featuring all types of birds.



The owl kind of freaked us out for a minute. We were sitting right next to the post that it flew to and once it was perched on the post it noticed something near us and the owl was really studying whatever it was. We think it was looking at a little stuffed frog toy a kid next to us had, but we were starting to get a little worried it was going to snatch up one of our kids and fly off. It finally flew back to the lady at the front of the show for some treats and we were relieved. :)



Dug and Russell from Up were nearby signing books, so we stopped to see them too.


And then, on our way out of the park, we found out where Daisy Duck was hiding…and the cutest thing about the picture below is the fact that Harper and Dakota are holding hands. Cutie pies.




After our visit with Daisy we stopped by for another photo shoot with Mickey and Minnie Mouse. They were in their safari clothes this time, so it seemed okay to stop, haha!





And that wraps up our day at Animal Kingdom. :)

*Zoe and Landon went and rode Expedition Everest while we took the two younger kids to see Flights of Wonder. They both said it was awesome and pretty scary.


*We were a little disappointed that the Tree of Life was closed while we were there but hopefully it’ll be all new and cool when we get back! :)


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