Tuesday, August 5, 2014


We went to Aquatica after Chef Mickeys but for some reason I didn’t take any pictures! Actually, I did take one picture, but it’s of Dakota sleeping.


Aquatica is an amazing water park. We thought it was probably the best one we’d ever been to, and we spent a long, long time there. There are two huge wave pools, several different slides and huge play areas for the younger kids. There is literally something for everyone. I think one of our favorite things was Roa’s Rapids, a quick moving “lazy” river. You just grab a life vest and let the water whisk you around. It’s so fun!

There is a lazy river type ride where you go under a tunnel of live fish and another big slide that goes through an exhibit that houses Commerson’s dolphins. Pretty neat to see people sliding through a tunnel while also watching the dolphins swim around!

Dakota and Harper (and Landon) really enjoyed Kookaburra Cove, a large pool with several mild slides and tube rides. Landon was great and took Harper and Dakota down the slides several times. The kids also played in Walkabout Waters, but it was VERY crowded and crazy. There are slides, guns to shoot water, water squirting up from the ground, huge buckets that would fill and dump onto our heads when we least expected it…fun stuff!

I did take some video at the park but I took it with my regular video camera and as of right now I haven’t put the video on my computer so I can’t share it. But, when I get it taken care of I’ll be sure to post some for you to see!

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