Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Sea World, Part One

We didn’t want to start our day in a very long line waiting to feed the dolphins, so we went down underground where we could watch instead. We got quite a good show because once the people above started feeding, the dolphins were darting all over the place trying to get to the food.



After seeing the dolphins, we walked down to see the manatee’s and turtles. 




We saw several shows during the day and just to make it easier to write, I’m going to use bullet points. I like bullet points. :)

  • Clyde & Seamore Take Pirate Island: This show has changed a bit since we first saw it ten years ago and we felt like the old show was funnier. It was still good and the things they can train seals, otters and walrus’ to do is amazing! I think my favorite part was at the end when the ginormous walrus came out!








  • One Ocean: This was a cool show featuring killer whales. We enjoyed it but it seemed rather short and man was it crowded!




  • Blue Horizons: This show featured dolphins, birds and lots of performers. We didn’t particularly care for this show because it felt like they were trying too hard. They had gorgeous macaw’s and dolphins but they also had this lady that was dressed up like a bird and that seemed dumb. They just don’t need a person dressed like a bird to tell a story especially when they have beautiful animals around. *This show also had several technical difficulties and at one point the bird lady was stuck “flying” in the air. Ultimately they had to finish the show without the parts the computer controlled…Oy.



Here’s bird lady:


And, the real birds:


See what I mean? No need for a giant lady bird in the air. (So, the picture of the real birds isn’t the best, but trust me when I say they were far more talented fliers! And, they are really beautiful, you can see here.)

  • A’Lure…the Call of the Ocean: This was an AWESOME show! There was all kinds of acrobatics going on and really extravagant costumes. I loved this show as it felt very Cirque Du Soleil. This was an indoor show on a stage though and there was very poor lighting, so I don’t have any photo’s. You’ll just have to trust me that is was wonderful!
  • Pets Ahoy: This is the one show that we were just going to miss because we didn’t think it’d be that great. But, Zoe and Landon went to ride Sea Worlds gigantic roller coaster Kraken, so Tony and I told them to meet us in front of this show when they were done. Well, when they met up with us it was nearing show time (and about to rain), so we went on in…and boy am I glad we did! It was such an adorable show and was definitely my favorite of the day. There were a few “technical” difficulties, but when you’re working with live animals, it should be expected. (We got lucky with this show too because Dakota fell asleep in the stroller just a little bit before we headed in and they allowed us to bring in her stroller so she could continue to sleep. Stroller sleeper seating is front row and when the handicap area towards the center of the stage remained empty at the start of the show we were able to scoot down to the center aisle. Perfect seats for the best show in the park!)

Since this post is so long, I’ll finish the rest of Sea World tomorrow!

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