Friday, August 8, 2014

Brandon’s 22nd Birthday

With all the catching up I have to do from our vacation, I haven’t had time to blog about all the things going on in our regular life. So, tonight I’m going to share some of that.


On August 3rd, Brandon turned 22. I was glad that we were here to celebrate with him, and Zoe couldn’t wait to get back and see him! She picked up 12 small gifts for him and let him open one each hour. So, he got a keychain at 9:22am, a deck of cards at 10:22am, a bag of coffee beans at 11:22am etc. for 12 hours. Cute, huh? She also took him to breakfast and to see Dawn of the Planet of the Apes which he said he enjoyed.

We made steak for dinner (we would have made ribs, something he loves, but we weren’t prepared for that since we just got home.) and then sang him Happy Birthday and let him make his wish.

Happy Birthday to You!

And, just because we like to drive him a little crazy, we played 22 by Taylor Swift several times throughout the day. It’s not his favorite song, but hopefully he’ll always remember our crazy antics and smile! :)

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