Friday, August 8, 2014

Catch Up: Monday

While we were away, some of our tomatoes ripened. They aren’t very big, but they’re cute! IMG_2714

The first thing Harper did when he woke up was run downstairs to play with his new toy. It’s always nice to see him take interest in his toys! Smile

Dakota struck this pose and then said “Look me, Mama!” No toys needed for entertainment here! Smile 


Zoe, and I took the two little's to the park. Sunday evening, while I was putting Harper to bed, I asked him what he thought we should do in the morning. I asked him if he thought we should stay home or go somewhere. He said he thought we should go somewhere and I said “like a park or something?” and he said, “No, I was thinking Blizzard Beach.”  Guess it’ll be awhile before he gets to do that again.

But, we made do and went to his next choice which was the duck park.





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