Friday, August 8, 2014

Epcot: Future World


The last time we visited Disney, Epcot was our favorite park, so we were excited to go there again.

*Since Epcot is a huge park, I’m going to break this into two posts; Future World and World Showcase.

We got there bright and early and as soon as we got through the bag checks and ticket checks (they also take your fingerprint when you go in each park to make sure you aren’t using someone else’s tickets. It kind of sucks that you can’t share your tickets, especially if you aren’t able to use them for some reason. Disney surely makes enough money that this isn’t necessary.) we jumped in line for Spaceship Earth as there was only a 10 minute wait. It seems that it’s just a ride that you do when you go to Epcot,  a classic that you should experience. And besides, it’s in that gigantic ball!

I was trying to get a pic of the kids and Harper refused to cooperate. I think it’s an almost 4 years old thing.


And, here we are trying to get a picture and look at that stubborn boy!


Next up was The Seas with Nemo & Friends ride. There wasn’t much of a wait for this ride, so we hopped on and it was really cute! We love the movie Finding Nemo so this was fun. At the end of the ride there was a spot for pictures and luckily, Harper decided to cooperate!




When we finished taking pictures, we noticed that Captain EO had absolutely no wait and was just about to begin, so we headed in. Big mistake! If you aren’t a huge Michael Jackson fan, or interested in how this show was created/produced, skip it. We were bored out of our mind and felt like we’d wasted precious time watching that awful film! At some point Dakota told Zoe she wanted to leave so Zoe took that opportunity and took her outside to wait. Lucky! Zoe let Kota play with the water fountains and I think we all would have preferred to do that, haha!


We also rode Ellen’s Energy Adventure which was fun, but felt very dated. It could use a revamp for sure. Journey Into Imagination with Figment was a cute ride and the kids seemed to like it. They probably didn’t understand most of it, but there was a cute, purple, talking dinosaur, so that was cool! :)  At the end of that ride there were some play stations that the kids enjoyed. They were able to step on large squares to make music, play Simon Says on a giant keyboard on the wall and create their own “figment”. Here’s the figment Dakota and I made:


The only thing on this side of Epcot that we didn’t do but wished we had was Innoventions. Maybe next time.

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