Sunday, August 10, 2014

Catch Up: Friday

We did make a trip back out to Patapsco on Friday and we did bring our bathing suits…only problem this time was the temperature being a mere 68 degrees. Those kinds of outdoor temps aren’t really what we wanted since we went to play in the river, but my kids didn’t seem to notice and had a wonderful time anyways!

It was like we’d never left for Harper. He went straight to throwing rocks in the water.


Dakota was intent on learning how to use this water squirter and she worked on it until she knew how to do it. And, once she had it figured out, she was dangerous with it! She chased me all over and once got my pants soaked! Little stinker!



Landon walked out a ways and was surprised by the forcefulness of the current. He nearly lost his shoes out there.


When Harps saw Landon out there he wanted to go too.



It was a nice way to spend the morning and if the weather had been a little warmer we would have stayed longer. We ate lunch out there and then headed home. I’m sure we’ll be back soon.

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