Friday, August 8, 2014

Catch Up: Tuesday

When Zoe and I were brainstorming for things to do with the kids on Tuesday, we remembered a cool looking park we’d passed one day while in Columbia. I’m not sure what made us think of it, but I’m glad we did!


As you can clearly see in the photo above, the park itself is on artificial turf (just look behind the bench, that’s the real ground!). It sure looks nice and it’s nicely padded beneath, but it does get somewhat hot.










And, here are a few video’s:

Zoe giving Dakota a demonstration.
My big kids acting like little kids! Love it!
Landon’s always gotta be silly.

Later Tuesday evening, Zoe volunteered to paint faces at an event. It’s an even that our library holds annually to promote business in the area and Harper’s preschool held a booth. So, for three hours, Zoe and a friend of hers painted little kids’ faces. Even Harper let his sister paint an ice cream on his arm, and he’s really not into the face painting thing. Dakota wouldn’t hear of such a thing, so she didn’t get any paint.


When we left, Harper asked if we could go back sometime. I told him that it was only for that day and he said he’d really enjoyed himself. When I asked what he liked, he said that he liked the moon bounce, the Kona Ice and when his sister painted an ice cream on him. Sweet, huh?

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