Sunday, August 17, 2014

Epcot: France, UK and Canada

Okay, here’s my final Epcot post.


France seemed like the perfect spot for an ice cream break, and it allowed us to sit and just relax for a few minutes before moving on to the next country.




As we were leaving France, we saw this princess making her way to sign autographs. (Which princess this is, I don’t even know! Aurora? Rapunzel?)


We considered getting in line, but then decided not to just as quickly. All the time spent waiting on Snow White did us in for the day!

The United Kingdom was our next stop.



We barely spent any time in the UK but it sure is a beautiful area of the park. I just love the way everything looked there. The kids played around in the phone booth for a minute or two (Landon thought it was so cool that they had an ACTUAL phone booth like the one in Harry Potter!!) and then we headed to our final country of the day, Canada.

I have to admit that there was a certain feeling of achievement when we made it to Canada. We felt like we’d really done something great by making it all the way through each country, even if some of them we just barely skimmed!





We strolled around Canada for a bit and as we were leaving we saw that they were setting up for a band to play, so we stopped to listen for a bit. They were pretty cool, but we had to get back to Germany in time for our  dinner reservation, so we didn’t get to hear the whole thing. Maybe next time.


We got back to Germany with time to spare and found out that they didn’t have our reservation.



Tony had only reserved it a few hours before we were to eat, so we don’t know what happened, but we ended up waiting quit awhile before getting a table. Lucky for us, there was a live music to enjoy while we waited.




The kids were ready to blow off some steam so we headed down to the dance floor for some dancing.


And, since we were in Germany, Tony and I thought it’d be appropriate to enjoy a flight of beer! So many memories, haha!


We left Germany well after 8pm and decided we may as well stay for the fireworks. While we waited we made a little music of our own.




We found a spot along the water to watch the fireworks, but poor Dakota was scared to death. I even brought her inside one of the shops but it was so loud that she could still hear it and she just cried and cried. We ended up leaving the show and honestly it’s a shame we didn’t get to see it. They really put on quite a display/show, nothing like we’ll see anywhere else, that’s for sure.

We got back to our room pretty late that night and after quick showers we were all in bed snoring away and preparing ourselves for another busy day!

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