Thursday, August 7, 2014

Lunch with a T-Rex & Tie Dye at the Pool

After spending the day at Sea World, we needed a break. So, we didn’t go to a park but we did go to Downtown Disney for lunch. On our way to Rainforest Café, we passed a restaurant called T-Rex and thought it looked neat so that’s where we headed.

We had really good views of the whole restaurant from where we were seated. The dinosaurs moved around and roared throughout our entire dinner and there was even a meteor shower every 15 minutes or so. It was very reminiscent of Rainforest Café, and we soon realized that it was owned by the same company…duh!





After eating at T-Rex we headed back to the room so that Dakota could get a decent nap. As soon as her nap was over we went to the pool where we found they were letting the kids make tie dye t-shirts. The line for making shirts was quite long so Tony and the kids swam while I stood in line. When it was nearly our turn, Tony brought the kids over to the table to wait and Harper slipped and fell on the tile and bumped the back of his head. Hard. So hard that when they asked if I wanted a medic to look at it I said yes. He’s hit his head many times but this lump on his head was huge and nearly bleeding. He cried and cried and cried, poor kid.

The medic checked him out and gave me some ointment for the cut on his head and an ice pack that Harper refused to let me hold on his bump. Then I had to fill out a form saying exactly what happened and that was that. He ended being just fine and playing fine the rest of the day, but boy was it a scary few minutes! The next day, people who’d been at the pool and seen him fall, came up to me and asked about him!

In the end, he was still able to help Zoe make his t-shirt too. He chose the colors and she put them on the shirt for him. Tony helped Dakota do hers and Landon did his own.




It was a good way to spend our day off and we were feeling pretty ready to hit the park again the next day!

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