Thursday, August 7, 2014

Sea World Part 2

I’ve already filled you in on the shows that we saw, so this should be a much shorter post.


It was terribly hot the day we went to Sea World and nothing sounded more refreshing than a trip to Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin! So, despite the long wait time (60 minutes) we got in line. It was the longest line ever and it only got worse when the intercom came on and announced that they were “experiencing technical difficulties”. We’d already waited so long that we didn’t want to get out of line, so we stuck it out and after about 1 1/2+ hours, we made it on the ride.

The ride itself was pretty neat, but the best part was at the end when we got out and got up close with the penguins. There were tons of them in the exhibit and it was neat to watch them swimming and doing their thing.



The two big kids went to ride Kraken while Tony and I took the two little kids to see the sharks. I didn’t get pictures of them on Kraken, but here’s what the coaster looks like from the show, One Ocean:


And, here’s a picture of the sharks:


And, that pretty much does it for Sea World…except these last few random shots:

Dakota munching on ice while watching a show:


A shot from one side of the park to the other:


And the two squirts during a much needed rest:



*We bought the all day dining deal and thought it was terrific! There were several places to get food and you could stop at any of them anytime to eat or get a drink. The food was hot and tasted good and there were several options, including vegetarian dishes. I’d highly recommend it, but it was pricey at about $34 an adult and $18 per child age 3-9. (That’s still less expensive than many of the single dinners we ate while in the Disney area! Rainforest Café was over $200!)

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