Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Our 8th Grader


I’m not happy about it, but school is back in session. Landon started back this morning, Zoe’s first class is on Thursday and Harper goes back after Labor day. I hate that summer has ended and wish it could’ve lasted a lot longer…

My day got started super early when I woke up at 2am to our alarm going off. I jumped out of bed when I heard it and despite being worried that someone was breaking in, I swung our door open to see what was going on. As I opened our bedroom door, the alarm abruptly stopped (it was still going off, just not in our house). I stood at the top of the stairs for a few minutes trying to detect any movement or whatever and when I felt like it’d been long enough I checked on the kids and then began to wonder why our alarm company hadn’t called. As I walked back to our room I realized my cell was ringing (it was on silent but the screen was lighting up my room) and it was the security people.

As I answered the phone I woke Tony up and he jumped up and grabbed my arm and asked me what was wrong. I told him the alarm had been going off and he got up to help figure out what was going on. Long story short, we found the reason behind the ringing alarm was that one of the sensors had fallen off one of the windows. So, Tony fixed it with some double sided tape and when our hearts stopped pounding, we went back to bed. I must have stayed awake until nearly 4am I had been so scared! Tony, on the other hand fell back to sleep within 1/2 an hour. >eyeroll<

Around 4am Harper woke up crying and when Tony went to see why he said he was afraid of the dark. Harper never wakes up crying in the night so it was unusual and after the alarm situation, it was scary. But, Tony got him back to bed and he went back to sleep.

It was rough getting out of bed when the alarm went off this morning, but since it was back to school day, it had to be done! Landon got up without any trouble and was excited about going back to school. I expect that to last till Thursday or Friday of this week. I had to drive his medicine up to the school and when I asked Landon if he wanted to go with me or take the bus, he chose the bus. He said “Mom, I have to ride the bus so I can pick my seat!” That’s important when you’re in 8th grade!


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