Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A Little Catch Up and A Little About Today

I think I’m back from my blogging break, but I don’t know for sure, life has been so busy I’ve barely got energy to write about it at night!

We had a nice weekend at home for the most part. The only thing we did besides hang out at home was go to a friends house for dinner. Tony, myself and the kids (Zoe and Brandon too) all went over to my friend Mel’s house for crab legs and cream of crab soup. Of course everyone brought something to share, but the legs and soup were all we really needed; they were sooo good! We talked and watched the kids play with the dogs and hung out and it was a nice time.

We were all back to the grind yesterday morning and haven’t stopped yet.

Today was nice though because the two little kids and I didn’t have much on our agenda. We got up slowly (compared to M/W/F when there is preschool to get to) and decided last minute to go to story time at the library. Harper just loves story time and he is so well behaved the entire time. Dakota does really well too, but it’s a bit overwhelming for her since there are so many people.

When we got home Harper asked if we could go on a walk and pick out some leaves. I thought that was a great idea so I gave them each a plastic bag and we went out to gather fall leaves.


We found LOTS of leaves and even a few flowers. Dakota was happy to find a “blow flower”! She’s still learning how to blow the seeds off without getting a mouth full though. :)


We made it all the way down to the park where they went down the slide a few billion times before we headed back home for lunch.

See that little speck in the picture below? That Dakota running like hell to the park…she wanted to be first! She beat Harper by a landslide because he was still picking leaves, but don’t tell her that!



While I made lunch, mac and cheese by request, the two of them sat and looked at books. I love when they climb in a chair together and “read”.


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