Monday, September 1, 2014

Blizzard Beach



Our last park for this trip was Blizzard Beach. We were surprised at how relaxed everything was compared to the other parks. There wasn’t a fee to park, you could bring in outside food, and there was no security check. Pretty lax for a theme park.





Dakota fell asleep on Tony as we were riding down the lazy river. Before she got splashed awake by a waterfall, Tony jumped off the river and took her to our seats so she could sleep. That little girl learned the art of the “anywhere nap” on this trip! You’re tired, you sleep.


There was plenty to do for everyone. Tony and Landon rode some crazy slides while the rest of us chose calmer stuff like small slides, the wave pool and the lazy river.


See the slide at the very top of the photo above? Tony and Landon rode that. CRAZY!!




Harper and Dakota liked crossing the icebergs.


Landon too.


It was nice that there were some slides that Landon and Harper could both enjoy. Dakota rode these as well.



We had a really good time at this park and I think it was probably the most relaxing park day we had. We weren’t rushed to do anything and there was plenty to keep us entertained for the day. There was a lot I didn’t get pictures of because it’s just too hard to take pics at a waterpark, but if you’re ever in Florida and want to go to a water park, Blizzard Beach is great!

Here are a couple of the many video’s I took:

Since we’ve been home Harper has asked several times if we could go back to Blizzard Beach. It was easily his favorite park and a great way to end our Disney trip.

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