Wednesday, September 17, 2014

New Blinds

While we were away on vacation this summer, we had our favorite contractor come in and do some work. He replaced our windows, blew new insulation into our attic, added outlets to the garage, fixed our gazebo roof and put a fan with lights and two outlets out there. It was a lot of work and he did a terrific job. We love being able to use the gazebo all the time and it’s REALLY nice being able to open our windows without having to worry that one may fall out of the house or on our head!


Since we were having electric run outside for the fan, we also had Tom put in a few outlets. He put two in the gazebo and one underneath the deck. I don’t think anyone ever complained of having too many outlets and we certainly have found uses for every single one!

Anyways, the reason I’m even posting about this is because now that we have all these fancy working windows, we decided it was time to get some fancy working blinds as well. I went back to Next Day Blinds because I’ve been really happy with the blinds I bought there before. I knew I wanted to get some room darkening shades for the bedrooms and light filtering for other rooms so when I went to the store all I had to do was choose my colors. Simple.

The blinds were installed yesterday and I couldn’t be happier with them! When you shut the room darkening shades, the rooms are completely dark. Like totally. I imagine this will really help keep the heat out of the bedrooms and it’ll be nice in the summer months when it’s light until 9pm and the kids don’t understand why they’re going to bed so “early”.

This is Harper’s room during the middle of the day with the blinds closed:


And this is the same time with them open:


When his curtains are closed on top of the blinds being closed, it is total darkness. It’s great.

Here’s Dakota’s room with one open and one closed:


Landon’s room and our bathroom aren’t room darkening. Landon’s room doesn’t get the same kind of killer light that the front rooms get so I got him filtering shades, and those kind are in our bathroom as well.


It’s awesome being able to open the windows and shades during the day again, especially with the gorgeous weather we’ve been having. This house sure is coming together nicely. On to the next thing! :)

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