Thursday, September 4, 2014

First Day of Pre-K


Yesterday was Harper’s first day of Pre-K. He attended the same school last year as a 3 year old, but this year is the real deal. I mean, 4 is way different than 3! Seriously.


Since it was orientation day, I got to go along with him. His teacher seems pretty awesome and this is her 23rd year teaching, so she’s got her stuff together. Harper seemed to like her right away too and that’s really all I cared about.


They got plenty of time to play in the playroom and some time to play outside. They also had some time to play with play dough and have a snack. Each kid brought in a about 1 cup of their favorite snack to share with the class. The teacher took each of the snacks and mixed them together making a sort of friendship snack to share. It was cute.


Harper bit into a little marshmallow and quickly discovered that he did NOT like it! He was a little more careful after that and carefully picked what he wanted to eat, haha!

It was pretty uneventful as far as first day’s go, and I guess that’s really a good thing. He seemed very happy to be back at school and seems eager to go back tomorrow. He’s on a M/W/F schedule this year and it may kill me, but if he loves it, we’ll make it work.

We met up with Mema and Dakota (she kept her while I went to orientation) at Chick-Fil-A for lunch and while I took Dakota home for a nap, Harper went to Rolly Pollies with Mema. That little fella had one heck of a busy day!

I’m looking forward to watching this little guy grow this year. I already see a change in him as far as growing up. He seems more interested in playing with kids versus playing along side them. He’s always had wonderful speech but I see even more evolution there as well. He’s using big words and using them correctly, and often. He’s compassionate and is very eager to help his little sister when he can (and when he isn’t trying to strangle her). He even tried to put her down for her nap a few days ago and I nearly melted on the spot watching it all unfold. He’s witty and has an imagination that doesn’t stop. He’s an all around fabulous little boy and I couldn’t possibly love him more.

Now, before I start bawling, I better get things ready for another busy morning.

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