Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Last Day of Vacation

We spent our last day of vacation crying. Well, not literally, but I was totally crying on the inside! I just did NOT want to even think about going home.


So, instead of packing, we went to Downtown Disney for one last hoorah.


We had lunch at House of Blues and then walked through the shops making sure there weren’t any souvenirs we NEEDED to bring home.



And then, because it was only about 4000 degrees, we let the two little’s cool off in the water. They sure loved that!


After spending the morning avoiding packing, we went back to our room and started getting our stuff together and we even had some time to hit the pool one last time. Then, we decided to go to dinner at Kobe’s Japanese Steakhouse. It was delicious, but the two youngest were still afraid of the fire.

I absolutely dreaded getting up and heading home the next day, but not because of the drive, just because our vacation was over. Usually I’m ready to go home, but this time I could have stayed another week easily.

We made it home the following day after 16 hours of driving. We didn’t want to stop at a hotel and the kids felt the same way…so, we just dug in and got home. It was midnight when we got here and after unloading the essentials, we got into our own beds for the first time in two weeks. Even that wasn’t enough to get rid of my Disney blues though!

Here we are more than a month since getting home and I’m still not happy about it! Guess we’ll have to try to get back down there sometime soon!

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