Friday, September 19, 2014

Five on Friday

  • After dropping Harper off at preschool this morning, Dakota and I headed to Rolly Pollies for an art class. I thought it might be fun for her and it gives us something to do while Harper’s busy. She enjoyed the art class and I think it’ll be nice to make art without having to clean up the mess afterwards!


  • It’s been really nice here this week. The weather has been in the mid 70’s and just beautiful. Last night though, when Tony let the dog out for the last time, he said he could see his breath outside! I think it’s just a bit soon for that…
  • The trampoline has been getting some major use this week. We’ve been outside every day and we are spending a huge majority of that time in the backyard. We play on the swing set, and sand box too, but the trampoline has been the hit.
  • Since I do the laundry around here, I noticed that Tony has been wearing the same pants/shirt combo every day for weeks on end. It’s black pants and white shirts for him every single day. So, last Sunday I went through his clothes and put some stuff together for him! Haha! I thought maybe he didn’t wear the colored shirts and khaki pants because he wasn’t sure of what went together. Well, one of the shirts/pants combo’s I put together really stressed him out. I kept waiting to see if he’d wear it and finally, on Thursday, he mustered up the courage. (The shirt is turquoise and I matched it with khaki slacks.) Well, around noon I got a text from him saying that someone had complimented him on his shirt! Unfortunately, it was a guy. HAHAHA! He said he would never wear the shirt again! He makes me laugh!
  • We’ve got yet another busy weekend ahead. Tomorrow we are going to try some apple picking and Sunday we’ll be heading to Six Flags. Happy Weekend!

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